The entrepreneurial vision of four Cantabrian families, who were traditionally dedicated to the aggregates business, had a clear vision for the future. They knew the value of the strategic character of this industry and staked their knowledge on the development and modernization of it.

In 1961 these four families grouped together to create a Limited Company, called Canteras de Santander, the beginnings of which today is now considered one of the most important open mining (non-metal) companies in the North of Spain, now known as CANDESA



By 1972, having grown substantially, with the company Headquarters in Herrera de camargo, Cantabria (SPAIN), CANDESA was transformed into a Public Limited Company.

Shorthly afterwards the comapny began their expansion of land with the adquisition of  HORMIPLANTA, as well as the largest society of Aggregates and CONCRETE OF DEVA, S.A.

In 1984 , the company took the decision to expand to other limitorphes regions, fuonding the society CONDRETE OF SELLA, S.A, Asturias region. In the same region in 1996 the company bought the PILONA AGGREGATES Co. and ARPILO AGGREGATES Co. A little later towarrds the start of the 21th Century, the comapny moved to expand in the region of Castilla, buying the Aggregates society COTEINSA.

Subsequently, in order to carry out a more effective management of the GROUP, HORMIPLANTA and COTEINSA were absorbed by CANDESA as well as, ARPILO company became part of HORSELLA. The main reason was to have a clear vision of the future and how to value the strategic character of this industry and reinforce its development and modernization.

At the end of 2018, the company LOGÍSTICA Y TRANSPORTE DEL HORMIGON, S.L. was created in order to cover the business line of public transport of concrete in Cantabria and Asturias, offering rental services of concrete mixers including driver.