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Subsidy granted to Candesa by the General Directorate of Innovation, Technological Development and Industrial Entrepreneurship of the Government of Cantabria.

The General Directorate of Innovation, Technological Development and Industrial Entrepreneurship, belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Transport and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria, has awarded a subsidy to Canteras de Santander S.A. (CANDESA) called “Industry 4.0 (REACT-EU)” financed with ERDF funds from the ERDF 2014-20 program of Cantabria and as an EU response to Covid-19.

The subsidized project was “Business solution development and implementation project: Business intelligence”. In it, an application and technology have been developed to purify […]

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SMOPYC International Exhibition of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery


This Seminar has the participation of the CANDESA Group, which will present its point of view about the latest generation technology applied to aggregate operations, through the volume of stocks with drones and slope stability control through GPS.

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Declaration of Luxembourg


It has adhered to the Luxembourg Declaration since May 17, 2021, by which it undertakes to integrate the basic principles of the promotion of health at work, in the management of the health of its workers, in addition to compliance with its Obligations regarding the prevention of occupational risks.

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United Nations Global Compact

The Candesa Group is subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact since January 28, 2021. Supporting the 10 universal principles related to Human Rights, Labor Rights, the Environment and the fight against Corruption.