The General Directorate of Innovation, Technological Development and Industrial Entrepreneurship, belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Transport and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria, has awarded a subsidy to Canteras de Santander S.A. (CANDESA) called “Industry 4.0 (REACT-EU)” financed with ERDF funds from the ERDF 2014-20 program of Cantabria and as an EU response to Covid-19.

The subsidized project was “Business solution development and implementation project: Business intelligence”. In it, an application and technology have been developed to purify and transform the data received from various sources of exploitation, logistics, commercial and financial, turning it into structured information. This information will be directly exploited via reporting and other data analysis to better understand the business and thus support the decision-making of the Management bodies.

The amount subsidized to Candesa for this call in 2021, has been the maximum possible for a total of 10,000 euros.